Hello again!

Sometimes, boredom leads to good ideas. Other times, it leads to the resurrection of old, bad ideas.

This is the latter.

The incredibly professionally named gamesncrap.com actually goes way back to June 2nd, 2007. Hunched over an ancient Pentium II notebook way past it’s prime in 2005, I was a frequent reader of the many incredibly well written and hilarious gaming focused websites, and was inspired to try my hand at humorous yet informative internet prose about my interests, while also building web development skills (back when XHTML was the standard). It also gave me a reason to dig through my massive video game collection and backlog. Eventually, I also added some metal album suggestions and critiques that drew a few visitors in, fulfilling the “ncrap” part of the name.

The original logo

Fast forward to 2012, I took on a demanding IT job and kind of fell out of the loop when it came to gaming. The passion had faded, probably for the better as I marked off a lot of personal and career items off my checklist. The huge game collection was sold off, and I moved around.

Fast forward again to 2020, I finally feel like I care enough about this stuff again to give it another shot, not to mention advances in technology mean this will be way easier to generate content someone out there might like.

I hope someone out there enjoys the new gamesncrap.com, born from the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020.


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