Heres the first step in collecting stuff again!

Recently, I played through Backstreet Boys simulator Final Fantasy XV. More on that later, but for now…

I decided that I actually do really like the Final Fantasy series, I just haven’t been able to keep up with it since X because, well, I’m no longer in high school and able to play 600 hour long RPG’s.

Fast forward to now, seeing as I’m stuck indoors due to the Great Quarantine of 2020, this is now a possibility. So, here we go!

I’m starting at the beginning, Final Fantasy I, but there is no way I’m playing the (now) impossibly difficult original NES version, so I settled on the PSP remake (more on all the different versions later, as well).

I haven’t had a PSP since 2008, so it was time to hunt one down.

Clean and working!

I decided on the 3rd revision of the PSP, model 3000, due to the small size and bright display. I took to eBay and scored a model 3000. It’s finally here, and after some quick repairs and a disinfection session, I’m ready to spend a bunch of time staring at this retina searingly bright screen. (Seriously, the display gets BRIGHT. It’s like staring at the damn sun at night.)

My favorite part of this PSP is how the seller on eBay decided to package it for shipment.

I grabbed a new battery from Cameron Sino. If you were wondering what kind of battery to buy to revive an old PSP, this is the one.

Highly recommended

I think the PSP was a really interesting handheld. Sony really had to have some balls to challenge Nintendo’s dominance. It may not have gone too far, but there is some great gems on here, and I’m excited to play my way through this legendary series.

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