This is a 2 in 1: I have never owned a Blu-Ray before, and I have never seen this movie before.

If HD is Blu-Ray, is SD Regular-Ray?

I stopped buying movies on disc when HD-DVD died off. I was one of the weirdos that had the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player, and I thought it was pretty cool and preferred the way HD-DVD’s were encoding movies at the time. Eventually, moving around happened, and I stopped hauling plastic discs around. I definitely prefer buying movies off iTunes for the 4K upgrades and convenience, but I can’t put those on a shelf, can I?!

I wanted to see The Spirits Within when it was in theaters and I was in 7th grade, but it never happened. After having watched it, I’m fine with that, though it’s still pretty impressive visually. I’ll write more about this feature film and the studio behind it, as it’s pretty damn interesting.

I really think The Spirits Within deserves it’s place in movie history simply because it was the first photorealistic attempt at CGI in film, but more importantly, if you care about the evolution of computer graphics, you owe it to yourself to sit through it at least once.

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