While I do plan on rebuilding my collection of real classic gaming hardware and software, it’s kind of pricey up front, and I’m in the middle of a move early next month.

Still, gotta scratch that Super Mario World itch somehow, and the quickest cheapest solution was a Raspberry Pi 3 running Recalbox. Setup is immensely easy and the cost was as low as possible.

I don’t mind emulation, and in a lot of ways I think emulation surpasses the original hardware. Most of those advantages surfaced with the takeover of fixed pixel LCD displays. Old consoles and modern TV’s never mix well, and CRT TV’s worth a damn are starting to get tough to find.

Without emulation, the memory of a lot of old games and consoles might permanently become a memory. Emulation excels at preservation.

However, I do much prefer having the original controller, or an aproximation of said controller, when I play an old game. Sure, you can connect an Xbox One controller and go to town, but it just feels weird to me.

Luckily, I found this amazing 8bitdo SN30 bluetooth controller on eBay! Aside from the select/start buttons, everything else is the same, and not having a cable is pretty awesome.

I hope I can find similar products for other consoles…

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