After finally moving in to our new place, me and the girlfriend went on a long awaited trip to the Outer Banks (don’t worry, we wore masks).

During one of our errand trips, we spotted the sign for Super Galactic Games N Comics from the road. Seeing as the logo is brightly colored Mario font AND used the same “and” abbreviation as my blog, I knew we had to make a stop before we left, and I’m very glad we did!

Who wouldn’t want to come here??

The proprietors were really cool guys; friendly and ready to discuss whatever type of nerdery you were into. They informed me it was hard to keep retro games on the shelf (“For every 1 game I get in, I sell 10”) and they were interested in expanding the selection in the future. Since so many vacationers in the area are probably interested in revisiting childhood memories, I’m sure that would be a boon for business.

Prices were incredibly reasonable, and the comics selection was expansive, inspiring me to start picking up comics again in the future. I don’t know much about Magic the Gathering, but my friends are avid players and they made a few purchases, so that selection must rock too!

So here is what I left with:

No brainer purchase

That’s right, a fully backwards compatible launch PlayStation 3 with a price tag that didn’t make me cry! I finally have a proper way to play PS1 and PS2 games over HDMI and it’s going to help expand what games I write about, so I’d like to thank Super Galactic Games N Comics for having this in stock!

Highly recommended to give this place your business if you are on vacation in the area! I will be putting reviews on Yelp as well for any small business I write about to help drive them some traffic.

Even Batman’s wearing a mask and he already wears one!

Official Page:

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