Some of this stuff I’ve had, but was just now able to properly catalog or look at, some of it I found over the weekend!


Halo: Combat Evolved: This is still one of my favorite games of all time, and needs no introduction. This is the Game of the Year reprint, complete and the disc is like new! I wonder if people still play this on Xlink Kai or at LAN parties with the Master Chief Collection version out there? Won this in an eBay auction awhile ago.

I never noticed this in the back of the manual…Xbox had a Nintendo style game counselor hotline? Anybody ever call it back in the day?

Still completely true to this day.

Ren & Stimpy Marvel Comics: These were dollar comics at a 2nd and Charles near me, and since I read these as a kid and adore Ren & Stimpy (despite the creators troubles), my girlfriend encouraged me to pick them up….so I did. I have no clue if a collected edition was ever made, but I love these and the old ad’s contained inside.

The Art of Halo: Creating Virtual Worlds: The first video game art book I remember really seeing, although they were definitely not a new concept by this point, I’m sure. This book provides an incredibly detailed account of the making of Halo: Combat Evolved, as well as some of Halo 2. Some cool highlights below:

Halo 2: The Official Guide: I had one of these before. It’s by Piggyback and Prima, and it’s a very high quality guide. I actually haven’t used it to play through the game, but I may give that a try sometime to see how different Halo 2 Anniversary is.

Words of Amano: Honestly, I’m kind of ignorant of this one. A friend gave it to me to put on eBay, and then we lost contact and I’ve had it ever since. It’s artwork from Yoshitaka Amano, renowned illustrator for the early Final Fantasy titles. It’s pretty awesome, but I didn’t jump into Final Fantasy until the PlayStation era, so I’m kind of clueless on this one.

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