Splinter Cell: I actually got this when it came out, as it was billed as the Xbox’s Metal Gear Solid. The graphics were amazing for the time, but I honestly never got far in it. I actually picked this up for nefarious soft-modding reasons, though…

Unreal Championship: Ahh, the early days of Xbox Live. I didn’t have a PC at the time, so I played a lot of this. I still love it, to be honest, despite the controls.

Quake 4: Liberated for near nothing from the local Gamestop, as you can tell by the horrid sticker residue. I love this often ignored entry in the Quake series. This actually includes Quake 2 as well, with bizarre 0 point achievements. The PC version is better than this Xbox 360 launch title, probably due to early development woes, but it’s still Quake 4.

Batman Arkham City Lootcrate Comic: A friend gave me this, and I haven’t read it yet because I suck.

Batman The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition: A timeless classic. If you like comics, you need this.

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