Presented here is an old, old article (2007-ish) from a past edition of I’ve edited nothing, leaving warts and all. Image references were removed, as I don’t have the originals anymore. Enjoy…?

Evolution – The World Of Sacred Device

  • – Developer: Sting
  • – Publisher: Ubisoft
  • – Genre: RPG
  • – Released: 12/16/1999
  • – Region: USA
  • – MSRP: $40.00
  • – ESRB Rating: T
  • – 1 Player
  • – Supports: Standard Controller, VMU, VGA Box

I have some great memories of this game. I first saw previews of it back in 1998 in the now defunct Gamers Republic magazine. All the previews looked interesting, a big reason being Dreamcast was new. I always thought it was the first Dreamcast RPG to come out, but I guess Elemental Gimmick Gear beat it out. Back in the summer of 2002, the summer before we moved across the US, I saved up a bunch of money to get some Dreamcast games, and this is one of the games I bought. Even though it was missing the cover for the booklet, I lived because the game was pretty good.

I really don’t think this game got any of the respect it deserved. All I’ve seen for it is negative reviews, but I know quite a few people who loved it, me included. You know when you play a game, and it’s so good, you just keep playing it until it’s over? Evolution isn’t like that. The actual game in Evolution isn’t that great. It’s the great characters, dialogue and setting that makes it worth playing. Just about all the characters are interesting, and almost all the NPC’s have something worth reading to say. A great example of what I mean is Lunar, but Lunar has a better game behind it.

Evolutions game part is actually just a simple dungeon crawler. This pretty much means its repetitive as hell and gets pretty tiring near the end. Pretty much the whole game is clearing out a bunch of different ruins, each one bigger than the last. Probably the dumbest thing was making the last ruin you play 50 FUCKING FLOORS. That shit was ridiculous, especially when you’re hitting into battles constantly. Each floor is filled with traps, and by traps I mean different colored gases that do things like obscure your vision, confuse you, and piss you off. Nothings worse then a cloud of CONFUS GAS in your face.

Which brings me to another weak point. Whoever translated Evolution definitely couldn’t speak English, and probably couldn’t speak Japanese either. They did a BAD job, I mean BAD. There’s numerous typos, symbols where they shouldn’t be, and sentences ending with ;. Theres also ENTIRE blocks of text missing. It’s embarrassing how many times I was told to find the elusive             . Or I told someone I can’t wait to            . You get the point.

Theres a lot of bugs and technical crap too. Theres a lot of times where the game will sometimes lock up, you’ll get stuck in a wall, or the game just plain won’t load sounds. There’s not much voice acting aside from yells and grunts during battle, but it would be nice if they didn’t cut out mid grunt or play after they’ve done something grunt worthy so the characters didn’t sound stupid. Some of these problems are acceptable, since Sting isn’t a giant company.

Even after all these problems, I still love this game. It’s got great personality to it, its simple, and its got a great ending. I like RPG’s like this. I have a hard time with newer RPG’s because they seem to always have some super complicated plot with 80 hours of gameplay and anti terrorist groups and whatnot. This proves not everything needs to be complicated to be enjoyable. There wasn’t a dick load of RPG’s for Dreamcast like there was Playstation or anything, so definitely check this out.


  • Ported to the Nintendo GameCube along with it’s sequel at the end of 2002.
  • Also,                       .;

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