Welcome to http://www.gamesncrap.com!

I’m Andrew Lawrence, known across the internet as phrequencyviii, and I started gamesncrap as a way to write about how much I loved video games from all generations. I ran the website from 2007-2011, and it was mostly a stomping ground for me to learn how websites work and try out the XHTML I had just learned. Eventually I expanded the site and it’s contents, added a message board and wrote tutorials on how to do stuff like add a custom hard drive to the Xbox 360.That interest waned for years, so I finally shut the site down. Even let the domain expire! Now, I’m bringing it back, born from the boredom of being quarantined during the great COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

I got my mojo back and now that I’m done messing around with less important stuff like “life” and “careers”, I care about gaming again!

I used to have a pretty sizable “stuff I like” collection; video games, music records, CD’s, movies, blah blah blah. I had to sell it all off when I moved, both to make the move easier and to finance everything. Well, I’m done moving around and actually have stability now, so it’s time to rebuild a big collection of stuff I love again, so I can clutter up my current living area and pass it down to future nerds I may spawn.

Instead of the usual whiny “all games now suck” material a lot of collectors have, I actually love modern gaming. I’m also going to restart my collection, play through some games and document the ride!

I’ll be posting stuff I acquire on here, and if I found it locally and you wondered where I am, I’m located in NOVA, Northern Virginia in the United States for the layman.

Contact me!