Welcome to http://www.gamesncrap.com!

I’m Andrew Lawrence, known across the internet as phrequencyviii, and I started gamesncrap as a way to write about how much I love video games from all generations. I ran this website from 2007-2011, but it was mostly a stomping ground for me to learn how websites work and try out the XHTML I had just learned. Eventually I expanded the site and it’s contents, added a message board and wrote tutorials on how to do stuff like add a custom hard drive to the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, my interest in gaming began to wane, so I finally shut the site down. I even let the domain expire!

I used to have a pretty sizable “stuff I like” collection: video games, LP’s, CD’s, movies, blah blah blah. I had to sell it all off when I moved across the country, both to make the move easier and to finance said move.

It me

Well, I’m done moving around and actually have stability now, so it’s time to rebuild a big collection of stuff I love again so I can pass it down to future nerds I may spawn. Now that I’m done messing around with less important stuff like “life” and “careers”, I’m excited to do this again!

What better use of time during the boredom of being quarantined during the great COVID-19 pandemic of 2020?

I’m not on any mainstream social media, but you can follow my Micro.blog at https://www.phreq.blog!

Contact me below!